27 lessons from 27 years

I have been 27 for almost a month. Its a funny thing, getting older. I mean think about it, when you were 15, being 27 was like being a bonafide adult. I was going to have all my shit together by the time I was 25. I think I even thought I would be married and have kids by then. I dunno why, I wasn't brought up in a traditional household, or told that that was the way things should be. I suppose it was just an idea I had. Honestly, I am glad that it didn't quite work out that way. In my 27 years so far, I have had some pretty decent run. I have had some amazing experiences, made some fabulous friends, learnt things, worked in great jobs, in industries that I really care about. I have found my love, I have been passionate about my writing, and my photography. I have had the chance to do a bunch. And its been fucking good. This sounds awfully morbid doesn't it? I suppose reflections sometimes can. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I promise.

I have been reflecting a lot over the last few weeks. Thinking about a bunch. I am not really one to set new years resolutions, but I find that every year around my birthday I think about the year thats past, and the one that has just begun. About the things that I want to achieve, maybe the things that I want to do better over the next 12 months. I dunno, there is just something about it I guess. I realised that for the next 12 months, there isn't really a set plan. Its more about exploring. Its about being authentic, its about finding out new things, about learning, and about adventure. Its going to be a pretty fucking awesome 12 months I think. As all of this was being washed down with a glass of wine, I started thinking about the lessons I have learned. I don't know why my brain does this shit to me, but I was. And then I thought, if I had to relive this shit, someone else should have to as well... So here we are. 27 lessons, from 27 years.

One // Putting other people first can be difficult, but is ultimately rewarding. Not everything is about you, all the time. Once you figure that out, things run a whole lot smoother.

Two // Ideas of happiness can be fickle as all hell. What makes you happy one day won't necessarily make you happy forever Flexibility is important, and focusing on the important things (whatever they are this week) is key.

Three // Breakfast foods are good every time of the day. Seriously that group of food should not be limited to before lunch time.

Four // Peoples actions are more often than not a reflection of them. Not you. The things people do say a lot more about who they are, than who you are.

Five // You will fuck up, you will hurt people, you will find people that don't like you. Its life. Handle yourself with grace because throwing your toys out of the cot and being a brat very rarely gets you closer to the prize.

Six // When cooked well, Brussel Sprouts don't actually suck. Pair that shit with bacon. You will thank me.

Seven // Just because someone looks like they have their shit together, doesn't mean that they do. If everything seems just to perfect, there is probably a crack in the surface somewhere. As the old cliche goes, don't judge a book by its cover.

Eight // You won't always have all the answers and thats ok. No one expects you to know everything. And if they do they are jerks and probably know nothing themselves. Being able to ask for help is something that we all should get better at.

Nine // Good grades are important. But so is being a good person, going on adventures and having an open mind. My degree has opened doors for me professionally, but so has my attitude, hard work and determination. There has to be a balance.

Ten // There is power in doing nothing. Just sitting, and being is awesome. And it something that we don't do enough.

Eleven // Your mind is more powerful than you understand. Seriously, once you get that thing working to your advantage the whole game changes.

Twelve // Wearing uncomfortable shoes is not worth it.

Thirteen // As much as your family might piss you off, they will come together when you really need them, and they will find a strength that you didn't know was possible. They are rocks. And they are amazing.

Fourteen // Reading a good book is like taking a holiday. You can get lost in that shit.

Fifteen // There are many worse things in the world than being fat. You could be a nasty vindictive little bitch that bullies people because of her own insecurities. Don't be that girl.

Sixteen // Being able to trust someone fully is a really scary thing. Letting your guard down is hard, but when you do it, it is infinitely rewarding. Finding that person who gets you, who understands you, is pretty fucking magic. But you have to be open to it, and ready for it to come in a way you never imagined.

Seventeen // Life is short as fuck. Don't waste it.

Eighteen // Feminism is so fucking important. It is relevant, and it is not a scary topic. I am proud to call myself a feminist. I am proud to fight for equality. I am proud.

Nineteen // Emotional eating is one of the hardest things to break. The connections that have been made over a lifetime will not be broken in a week, or a month, and maybe not even in a year. Be gentle with yourself, because you are doing what you can.

Twenty // Cricket is fucking boring. Long. And. Boring.

Twenty One // The old adage 'if you don't have nothing to say, don't say anything at all' doesn't always apply. Having difficult conversations is something that is really important in communication. This isn't an opportunity for you to be an asshole, but I think letting things bottle up is sometimes way more dangerous than simply being honest.

Twenty Two // When you find something you love to do, foster that. Do it, Practice it, Spend time in it. Because things that bring you real joy are few and far between. Don't let that shit go.

Twenty Three // It is not until you are older you realise all the sacrifices that your parents make for you. Recently I have had such a heightened appreciation for everything my mother has done for me. She seriously is a fucking super hero. And I am pretty sure if you think about it, so are your parents. As an adult, when someone tells me I am like my mother, I wear that compliment with a deep and real sense of pride.

Twenty Four // Money is significantly complicated. You never quite have enough. Even when you have more than you use to there is always something else. Saving money is so important. Hard, but important. Invest, make smart financial decisions. And go shopping sometimes. Because we have money to spend it every now and then.

Twenty Five // Sometimes chocolate is the answer. Even if your hips, or thighs, or ass will pay for it.

Twenty Six // Friends come and go. Sometimes we come into peoples lives at a particular point because they need us, and sometimes we need to know when to leave. Its okay. And its important to acknowledge that. Other friends come into your life and they are never meant to leave. They are the ones that will be there forever. They are family.

Twenty Seven // Cats Rule.

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