21 days, 15 workouts & 4 things

The last couple of weeks I have learnt some stuff. I joined the gym 21 days ago, I have worked out 15 times, and learnt, or maybe realised 4 things that are really fucking important. Its been three weeks since I made a decision to be better. Not comfortable, or happy. Just better. Its a scary thing to think about, and honestly, its been a great three weeks, but it also has been challenging, and tiring and there have been times where I have thought about throwing in the towel, making an ice-cream sundae and never leaving the couch. But, you know, I have to go to work and all that, so I haven't done it yet. I digress. Of course, I have been reflecting on all of this the last few days, I thought, yeah... fuck yeah... and so I wrote about it, because well, you know, that is what I do.


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