Young or old, fit or unfit. Its all good.

So. I don’t want to jinx it because you know, it is pretty early on in our relationship. But guys. I think I have found the one. Okay so its only been a week [I told you… Its new], so we are totally in the honeymoon stages but I am head over heels. It’s all shiny, and clean, with top of the line facilities. Its full of kind and encouraging people. It has a timetable packed with options that I am excited to explore. It has a spa, and a pool, and a place for me to nap. It’s basically perfect. Wait. I think I need to back up the bus here a little bit. I might have forgot to mention I am talking about a gym. But really, it is nothing like your 'usual' gym.

I don’t know about you, but gyms usually make me feel uncomfortable. I have never walked into a gym and thought ‘I can see myself working out here’. Over the course of my adult life, I have been a member at more than a handful of different gyms. Everything from a small womens group run out of a crossfit box, to a more traditional gym full of weights machines and cardio. I have done classes, I have done HIIT training. I have done bootcamps. I have done a lot. And while I have enjoyed some significantly more than others, there hasn’t been one that has whispered “hey girrrrrrl lets make this a long term thing” lovingly at me while I sweat my wobbly ass off… until now that is.
I joined Virgin Active Health Club a week ago. The day after I joined I went shopping. That’s how it works right? Ok I am being facetious, but I was feeling motivated, and you know, I wanted to keep feeling that way so I went a bought a few essentials, you know some new active wear, a gym bag and a few other little bits and pieces. A girl has got to set the mood am I right? So I rock up to the gym and the first thing I notice is the slogan on the wall. "Everyone is welcome at Virgin Active, young, old, fit or unfit, it's all good." Now I know what you are thinking... It's easy to say that. But from the moment I joined I felt like this is something that the people who call Virgin Active home [or work] actually think. It doesn't feel like a place for fit people to get fitter. Unfit babes can I get a hand in the air for the number of gyms you've visited where it feels like this... My guess is a bunch of you have your hands up right now?

Over the last 7 days, I have been to the gym 6 times. Now look. I don’t expect that to sound that impressive, I know it takes a lot more than 5 visits to a gym to change anything. But guys, for me, it’s a big fucking deal. I am feeling excited about going, I am pre planning classes that I want to try, and I am still feeling motivated. What is this world?! So here it is.  

Tillie vs Gym. Week One.
Day One. Hello World. I have a gym membership and some new activewear. Lets do this. Two minutes in I am distracted by the fact that the Cardio machines have touch screen tvs... Holy crap. I can skype on these things. I love this place.

Day Two. Arrived at Power Yoga feeling pumped. Realised it’s a bunch harder than people on the internet make it look but I got through my first class. Decided I wasn’t going to just finish there all nice and relaxed so what do I do? Swim laps of course. Holy hell I am unfit. Its hard to see how far you have let your fitness slip, especially measuring against something that you use to really enjoy. I feel determined to get back to that place. Goal Set.

Day Three. Woke up a little achy, I didn’t know those muscles existed. Hello old friends, please forgive me for neglecting you for so long. Quick Express Pump Class at lunch time. I hope the novelty of going to the gym at lunch because its literally around the corner from my work does not wear off anytime soon. I forgot how much I love Pump. That was good and sweaty. I also noticed today there are very few mirrors in the gym. Like, actually not many at all. While this messes with my selfie game [how else can I prove I have been here today?] it actually feels kind of awesome not to have to stare at myself while I work out. I don't know if this is intentional. I have a feeling everything at this gym is done with intention, but I like it.

Day Four. Two Words. Kettle Bells. Mate. That shit is rough.

Day Five. Rest. Thank. The. Lord. The whole standing and sitting thing has been a bit rough the last couple of days. My muscles need a little break.

Day Six. I tried something new this morning. Grid Active. Its basically a HIIT workout, sent from the devil. I rolled around on the floor, did some press ups, squats and lunges. There were kettlebells and dumbbells. All in 20 minutes. There was very little breathing room, and I loved it. This morning I got myself a brekkie smoothie from the V Cafe. That shit was good guys, really good. I love that their are healthy options that are going to fuel me for when I work out fasted in the morning. Another tick for VA.

Day Seven. Back to my old boo Pump today. Its like when you always end up going back to those same pair of comfy pants, except a lot more sweaty and uncomfortable. But it is familiar, I feel stronger than day three, and I love it.

So there you have it. Seven Days. Six Workouts. And a plan for the week ahead. Something feels different. But I have said that before. We will see, I guess. In the mean time, I think I might just be loving the gym. So I'm taking it as a win. Hells to the yeah.


  1. This post is awesome! Such a good read maybe I might try pump today ��

  2. this made me grin from ear to ear, GO GURL! SO glad you are loving it :)



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