Hello Feminism

I am a feminist. It is not a dirty word. It is actually something I am proud of. And something I certainly identify with. But holy hell it can be a loaded term that seems to cause a whole lot of scrutiny for almost every other decision that I make in my life. Let’s just take a step back for a second shall me? The definition of feminism is ‘the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.’ Okay still confused? Feminism at its core is simply talking about a belief in gender equality. Beyond that, it a bunch of deviations… off shoots if you will. Things that people have taken and established generally solve specific inequalities within different facets of a convoluted and complex environment that we call home. But when you simply break it down it honestly is not more complicated that holding a belief that equality between genders should exist.

Now that the 101 is over, there was a point to my initial statement. I promise.

8 ways to find the chill

Its really easy to get caught up in all the bullshit. Like. Really easy. Am I right? [I know you are all nodding along... so I will continue] Its almost like, as humans, we have this predisposition to get caught up in all the drama, even though most of us will swear that we hate it. I don't know why, but it is like there is this deep subconscious gravitational pull. Whether it is in your social life, or you work life, or maybe even in your personal life. One of the things that I am trying to work on at the moment is my chill. Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I am totally ruled by my emotions, and as a result stress is something that really can throw me off course. So I am working on it. I am learning the things that help me navigate the somethings rocky road in front of me, and how to notice my triggers [total whole other post on that coming sometime soon I think]. And I have picked some stuff up along the way, stuff you might find helpful in navigating your way to a little more peace in your life too. So grab a cup of tea [always a good idea] and get ready to find the chill.

Money In and Money Out

Lets talk about money shall we. You know that stuff comes into your bank account fortnightly and goes out just as quickly. The stuff that doesn’t grow on trees (unfortunately) and the stuff that most of us are told from a young age, we should have a stash of, probably in a bank… you know in case of emergencies.

Don’t roll your eyes… I know you are rolling your eyes. Do you know how I know… Because I rolled my eyes too. Money is such a tricky topic and it’s something the recently, I have realised I have been a bit shit with. Ok let’s be honest. A lot shit. After moving to a new city we wanted to explore, go to shows, eat at fancy restaurants. All of which cost money believe it or not. And my savings account has suffered because of it. Then last year, we got engaged [exciting I know] and suddenly the need for that savings account sky rocketed. Weddings cost money… a lot of money apparently.

So...what the fuck am I going to do next?

Collectively over the last two years, I have probably lost around 35-40kgs. I have also gained around 30 of those kilos back in the same time period. I am, without a doubt, the definition of a yo-yo dieting aficionado. I have participated in 7 day challenges, 28 day challenges, I have fasted, I have tried shakes, I have cut out bread and I have tried a lot of other stuff too. As I started to refresh my facebook page yesterday, I saw post after post that started with something like “I am re-evaluating” or “I need to re-focus” or the dreaded “I fell off the wagon and I am back to square one” sentiment. You know, we have all said it from time to time, I just happened to have documented it, publically. And of course, because I don’t do anything by halves I make this huge dramatic public statement with a massive plan and a strict no fail attitude. Stubborn as anything I am willing to except nothing but perfection. Of course, that in itself is setting me up for a fall. Perfection doesn’t exist, but I tell myself each time I make these grand gestures that this time will be different.

Let's start again shall we?

Six months ago I changed the design of Hello Tillie for the first time. When I made the change it felt right, I liked the new design and I figured after two years it was time for a change. But you see that was the problem. It felt like I had to change it, so I did. And as I started writing in my newly created space it just didn't feel like home. Something wasn't right. And so my time on the blog over the last six months has been much more sporadic than I would have liked. There was a disconnect, I couldn't put my finger on exactly what, but something just wasn't right.


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